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Here’s why B2B Sales Teams Shouldn’t Aim for Meetings

Most B2B sales teams make their objective to book meetings. At many tech companies, sales leaders judge their SDRs (sales development reps) by how many qualified meetings he or she can put on their account executive’s calendar.

If you are a new business owner just starting up your new company, here’s why you shouldn’t be trying to book meetings immediately.

Most salespeople think too short-term when prospecting. They make a list of prospects, cold email each prospect with a quick pitch, and ask for a meeting. When prospects don’t immediately respond, they throw the list away and never contact those people again.

This approach gives your prospect no real reason to take action; they know almost nothing about you or why you’re valuable. Booking a meeting is a big commitment, and with no real perceived upside, prospects just ignore you.

Here’s the right way to do it.

Your goal when prospecting should be engagement. I want prospects to be interested in my service before booking a call. To do this, I offer prospects a very easy first step. I aim for 10% to 20% engagement on my first contact by making the first step very easy.

Asking for a call has way too low of a success rate; instead, I send a 5 minute video that shows a “behind the scenes” look of how I operate. Your goal should be to create a large pool of interested prospects. You will never do that just by listing your services and asking prospects to get on a phone call. Instead, you should be driving as many prospects as possible to specific, relevant content that’s easy to digest.

I know that many prospects will take several months to take action, and I am fine with that. Personally, I take the long-term approach because I know that’s what it takes to create a pool of interested, qualified leads. I don’t want a bunch of meetings with prospects who know nothing about me and who are barely interested. Instead, I focus my attention of showing my value, so that once a prospect books a call, they are already very interested and nearly closed.

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Charlie is the founder of ProspectAim. He has a passion for sales and helping businesses grow through the consistent use of proven prospecting messaging and techniques.