how to cold email B2B sales

How to Cold Email the Right Way for B2B Sales

There’s a right way and a wrong way to cold email when doing B2B outbound sales.

The wrong way: Send one email telling the prospect what you do, then ask for a phone call right away. This has a 0.1% success rate, and you’ll mostly get prospects looking for the lowest price.

The right away: Treat the cold email or cold call as the very first step in the prospecting process. Make it super easy for your prospect to take that first step by sending a video or a case study first; do not ask for too much right away.

Most prospects don’t make decisions right away. They typically find out about a company, engage with that company’s content every so often, and then make a purchase several months later when their urgency or need is higher.

If you cold email your B2B prospects only looking for prospects that want to buy right now, you are only capturing a very small portion of the market. Most prospects need to be “warmed up” before they are ready for a phone call.

Leading with content also helps to make sure your prospects are actually interested in your services. You want prospects that want to do business with you; This means you need to show your value first and create real interest.

Personally, I only want booked appointments with prospects who are already fairly interested in my services. Most good B2B sales teams put out valuable, specific content for their prospects to read and/or watch. You can point prospects to this content, and then once they are interested, you can engage them with a phone call.

Use the cold email as an opportunity to introduce your prospects to your brand. Start with an engaging piece of content that shows specifics of what your company does. The final step is to make sure you have a way to keep prospects engaged. A newsletter, YouTube channel, or LinkedIn page where your prospects can see regular updates works best.

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Charlie is the founder of ProspectAim. He has a passion for sales and helping businesses grow through the consistent use of proven prospecting messaging and techniques.