How to Hire a Cold Caller

If you’ve ever done sales, you know that cold calling is the most challenging part of the job. It can be uncomfortable and challenging. As a business owner, it can be almost as difficult to find someone willing to do cold calls for your business. In this post, I’ll outline my top-three tips for hiring an effective cold caller.

Offer an Hourly Rate

One common mistake business owners make is offering cold callers a commission-only position. Cold calling is just the very beginning of the sales process — a successful cold call may take several weeks or even months to turn into commission. 

If the cold caller might go the first couple of months on the job without making any money, it is very difficult for them to stay motivated and productive. Additionally, if someone else handles the leads generated by a cold caller, your caller then must rely on someone else’s closing ability for 100% of their income. 

Even worse is putting the closing responsibility on your cold caller. Conducting 100% of the sales process — from prospecting to closing — is too much for one commission-only salesperson to take on. The most effective sales teams split the prospecting and closing responsibilities between different people. 

To maximize efficiency and productivity, the best way to hire cold callers is to offer an hourly rate. An additional commission incentive can definitely help, but the hourly rate is completely necessary. A typical rate could be anywhere from $12 to $16, with a commission of 10% on closed deals. 

Create a Clear Plan

If you’re hiring a cold caller, you must have a clear plan laid out for them. You should already have a quality list for them to call in addition to a calling script.

If you’re relying on a cold caller to research their own list, you’re likely setting them up to be much less productive than they could be. When sales reps research their own lists manually, they typically make five to ten calls per hour. Having a pre-made list and auto-dialing software allows your cold callers to make 25 to 30 dials per hour. 

The script should include an opening line that will catch a prospect’s attention, a clear objective for a next step and answers to common questions prospects may ask. The clear objective could be to qualify the prospect, send more information or schedule an appointment. If there’s not a clear plan for your caller, they will likely be much less motivated to make calls. 

Create Transparency

Creating a transparent system is especially important if you’re hiring remote cold callers. You should make sure that all calls are made within your own CRM (for example, CRMs like AgileCRM, Hubspot and Zoho integrate with Twilio to allow your team to easily make calls). 

This ensures that all calls are automatically logged and recorded, allowing your team to easily hear exactly what happened on a specific call. This also allows you to have a complete picture of your cold calling operation. 

You’ll want to track the number of dials made per hour, number of conversations and the number of leads and appointments generated. It also saves your callers from having to manually track and log their calls and hours. 

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Charlie is the founder of ProspectAim. He has a passion for sales and helping businesses grow through the consistent use of proven prospecting messaging and techniques.