Why I’m Changing My Business Model from Outsourcing to Consulting

I’m shifting my business model from outsourcing to consulting. In the past, I’ve done both, and it was way too much to handle. I tried to both come up with the strategy for my clients and do it all for them.

I only had a few clients, but I was doing dozens of tasks: Formulating the strategy, running cold emails campaigns, cold calling, building prospect lists, scheduling appointments, managing leads, and doing follow-up.

I realized all of this would be way too much for one person to do internally at just one company, and I was trying to do it for multiple companies. That’s why I’m shifting my business model to focus on what I’m best at: Helping companies come up with messaging and content to help their salespeople sell.

For example, the basis of my entire business has always been my YouTube channel. I make videos that show specifically what I do, and it attracts clients. If I only had a website that listed out my services without any specific examples, I likely would never have any inbound leads.

Many companies make the mistake of just listing their services to prospects. Most prospects don’t care at all that you offer website design. Just telling your prospect what you do and expecting to book a meeting has a very low conversion rate.

Instead, you should build a library of content for your salespeople to sell with. That content should be specific, helpful, and authentic. My goal is to make sure the prospect has a lot of information about my business and how I operate before I ever get on the phone with them. Ever get on a sales call with a prospect who starts by asking, “so, what exactly do you do?” I hate doing those types of sales calls.

Starting from scratch on a sales call and having to convince the prospect this your service is even worth considering is horrible. Instead, I want my prospects to understand what I do and have a high level of interest before booking a call. Those sales calls are much easier and have a much higher conversion rate.

That’s why I am focusing my business on what I call “Content-Based Selling”.

I want my clients to have strong, compelling content that feeds their sales funnels. Salespeople should be able to use content to help do their jobs. When your salespeople send prospects a video, does it actually help convince the prospect to listen? If not, there is a problem.

Content shouldn’t just be commercials for your company. It should show your company’s specific abilities and insights. It should also compel prospects to learn more about your services.

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Charlie is the founder of ProspectAim. He has a passion for sales and helping businesses grow through the consistent use of proven prospecting messaging and techniques.